Vegas IDN Poker VS The Web



Ladies and Gentlemen. In this corner, in gold trunks, weighing in at about 300 billion a year we have the heavy-weight champion of the gambling world … Las Vegas! And in the opposite corner, in the virtual trunks, weighing in at under 5 billion a year we have our contender, the World Wide Web! It’s our feature bout tonight, Ladies and Gentleman, an eight round contest.




Vegas. From the old-school feel of Ceasar’s Palace to the grandeur of the MGM, the kitchy canals at the Venetian to the get-stabbed-in-washroom feel of the seedier downtown spots. You name it, Vegas is the smorgasbord of atmosphere.


Web. Aside from the basic sound and graphics of the casino games — which, admittedly can be pretty good — the rest is up to you. Feel like redecorating?


Gaming experience:


Vegas. Great! If you’re a player who loves to watch your dealer or the other players, Vegas has your thing in spades. Hope you don’t mind cigarette smoke and spilled drinks though.


Web. You’re sitting at home so what you do and how you do it is your business. Use the strategy tables, count the cards, whatever. No one is going to say boo! And with the latest multi-player games we’re starting to get pretty close to that up-close-and-personal feeling online too.


Hang-ups and hassles:


Vegas. Lineups, spilled drinks, and no seats in the bar are about as bad as it gets. Until you head for the buffet that is and then it’s every punter for themselves.


Web. The casino is always open, no lineups, no hassles from the other folks at the table (generally speaking) and what happens at your “bar” is your business. Just be sure you follow the cash-out rules to the letter or payments can get seriously bogged down.


Entertainment value:


Vegas. Woo hoo! Glitz and glamor, some great food, beautiful IDN Poker people and awesome drop-in firing ranges. Vegas has got it all! Ever fired a Thompson? You should.


Web. Well the graphics on this …

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I Don’t Need a Host, Do I?

Yes, you do…And here’s why

A correspondent sent me the following e-mail: “My wife and I are quarter players and we get all of our rooms and food comped through the slot club. Why do we need a host?”

Until fairly recently, we could have asked this question ourselves. A couple of months ago, I wrote about the mistakes Brad and I made over the years. That we didn’t use the host system all the time we were quarter players was one of our biggest. It was only when we started playing at the dollar level and enjoying the services of hosts that we discovered this amazing truth: Although, on our own, we became experts on how to stay and eat free in a casino, we could have gotten even more comps, and with a whole lot less effort on my part.

In the good old days before electronic player-tracking systems, a host’s primary duty was to keep the high-roller table players happy. As time went on and casinos realized that machine players were making the bigger profits for them, the casinos made the specialized services of slot hosts available to almost all who played the machines, including the formerly “lowly” quarter player.

To be considered a valuable customer doesn’t depend on the denomination of your bet. It depends on the total amount of money you place at risk. The quarter player who puts in a 12-hour day risks the same money as the dollar player who plays for three hours. And thanks to the new multi-coin nickel video slots, the casinos are no longer ignoring nickel players. Slot hosts are starting to add them to their “valuable-customer” lists.

Keep in mind that although comps are awarded according to your level of play, I can’t tell you what level you need to get any specific comp. Every casino has its own comp schedule, but it’s rarely a neat little printed list that they’ll give you. It takes time to learn about each casino’s comp system. I find that a polite, non-aggressive attitude work best. Most hosts respond willingly and cheerfully …


Loveman sees more targeted marketing for Harrah’s

LAS VEGAS, Sept 18 (Reuters) – Casino operator Harrah’s Entertainment Inc. (NYSE:HET – News) plans to sustain its recent growth by treating gambling as a commodity and marketing the pastime with the same sophisticated methods used by other industries, the company’s newly named chief executive said on Wednesday.


Gary Loveman, speaking to investors at an industry event in Las Vegas, laid out his broader UFA strategy for running Harrah’s after his scheduled takeover from Phil Satre as chief executive officer on Jan. 1.


The Las Vegas-based company has wowed Wall Street over the last year, showing strength in the face of the broader economic downturn and even in the aftermath of the Sept. 11 attacks that saw business drop sharply for most of its rivals.


Analysts have attributed Harrah’s strength in particular to its geographic diversity and customer loyalty program — one of the industry’s first plans to tap into its respective repeat customer base.


Loveman was a major force behind that program, called Total Rewards, after he joined Harrah’s in 1998. Since then, Harrah’s has milked the system — which transcends all its casinos — extensively to tailor marketing programs to its best customers.


“The holy grail is to get to the point … where you can promote a specific product to a specific customer under specific terms,” Loveman told the group of investors at the Global Gaming Expo.


Loveman was named CEO designate earlier this month, when Satre announced his retirement by saying he had achieved his goals. In the announcement Satre referred to Loveman as a “key driver of our strategy.”


“It’s now time for Gary to take Harrah’s to the next level,” Satre, 53, said in making the announcement.


Loveman, who said he was hired after sending an unsolicited letter to Satre with ideas about how to make sales at existing casinos grow, said he borrowed many of his ideas from the financial services and retail industries.


“The slot (machine) floor is really nothing but a retail floor,” Loveman said at the Global Gaming Expo. “It’s just …


Ligaz11 Review of Blackjack Wisdom

Arnold “the Bishop” Snyder is well known in Blackjack circles as one of the game’s most entertaining, prolific, and knowledgeable authors. This book is a collection of much of his writing for various gambling periodicals that may not have received a wide audience. While his writing from Card Player since 1989 is most heavily represented, articles are also present from Casino Player and the short lived Poker World, along with a few articles from Snyder’s Blackjack Forum. Several of the articles which did appear previously in other periodicals appear here in expanded or in a slightly different form.

The articles are divided into twelve sections, although the distinctions aren’t very hard and fast. Even though most of these articles haven’t received as wide a Blackjack audience as much of his other work, many of these ideas have become famous in their own right, such as Snyder’s Bachelor of Counting Series. The book serves as an excellent compendium of Snyder’s non-Blackjack Forum work.

Most of these magazines were aimed at a much broader audience than, for example, Blackjack ligaz11 Forum or Michael Daulton’s Blackjack Review. Two of the magazines these articles were drawn from were primarily aimed at a poker playing audience. Consequently, most of these articles are extremely basic, and a lot of ground is covered more than once. This is inevitable, if a bit distracting, in a collection like this. The real problem, though, is that it leaves the book somewhat insubstantive.

Snyder is his usual entertaining self, and the book delivers on this point. I get the sense that he’s least serious when his writing seems most deep, and that he’s at his most honest and perceptive when he seems to be just clowning around. What I admire most about Snyder is his integrity. He is one of the very few Blackjack authors that has always taken the high road and has been both intellectually honest in stating his opinions, while he hasn’t been afraid to publically admit his own mistakes and shortcomings. Although he may not be as personally well versed in playing professional blackjack, I’ll always …


Go Call Purchases Hollywood Online สล็อตแตกบ่อย, Plans Celebrity Casinos

Go Call, Inc., (Pink Sheets:GOCA), has announce that it is aquiring 100% of the assets of Hollywood Online, Inc. for 750,000 shares of common Go Call stock plus additional shares based on various performance items. Hollywood Online, Inc. has three sites operating at this time.

A key part of the agreement provides contracts with well known celebrities from Hollywood and sports figures who have agreed to use their photos, likenesses, names, and personal appearances in promoting their sites and Go Cash. The names of the celebrities have not yet been released.

The agreement also provides for the President of Hollywood Casino to join the Company as the Director of Celebrity Promotions for Go Cash and will deliver more celebrities and exclusive advertising rights to Go Cash, Inc. Also included in this contract is an agreement with Global Interactive Communications to provide web services to this new venture. Global uses Starnet software for the casino implementation. These sites will not accept wagers from the US market.

James Palmer, CEO of Go Call Inc., said, “We believe this acquisition will offer an outstanding capability for Go Call to develop additional sites that will carry some of the best known names in the entertainment and sports fields. This agreement is providing five well-known names in sports and Hollywood entertainers who are already under contract with us to use their names in the promotion of our sites. We plan on having sites built for each of these celebrities over the next four to eight weeks.

“Each celebrity สล็อตแตกบ่อย Casino/Sportsbook will have a theme developed around the personality and likeness of the Celebrity. Part of the contract with these celebrities calls for each to attend from two to twenty company functions per year, as well as plug their site and Go Cash in such forums as LATE NIGHT WITH DAVID LETTERMAN, THE TONIGHT SHOW WITH JAY LENO, ENTERTAINMENT WEEKLY, THE TODAY SHOW, etc. including radio, Internet, magazines, and newspaper interviews.”

Go Cash says it will build up to fifty Celebrity Casino web sites over the next eighteen months.

Go Call Inc. is an …

Situs Judi Bola

Getting the Lowdown on Situs Judi Bola Slots

Slots have become a very popular choice for many online gamblers; they’re easy to play and there are some great jackpots waiting to be won.

But how do you find out what the biggest progressive slots jackpot is worth? Or which casino has a particular game? It’s a lot easier than you might think.

All of that information, plus a whole lot more, is available on the and progressive jackpot portals. Both web sites have a number of tools that will help you make the most your time at the slots. is software manufacturer Microgaming’s slots portal, and it offers players a wealth of information. Slots fans will find links to Fruit Fiesta, Cash Splash, Wow!Pot, LotsaLoot, and SupaJax games, and will be able to watch the progressive jackpots grow by the minute.

There are several great features on the site. People can choose which game they want to play, the minimum jackpot they want to play for, and the cost of each play. They can also sign up for jackpot notification, which automatically sends an e-mail when any jackpot goes above a specific amount.

Cash Splash is one of the most popular Situs Judi Bola games at Jackpot Madness, probably because it paid out more than $1.2 million during the month of July alone. The month’s big winner was Isaac H., who took home $77,805.

Slots fans looking for something different will like the new Treasure Nile slots, which are the first nine-reel progressive slots on the Net. The Treasure Nile jackpot was more than $365,000 when this article was written.

The other progressive jackpot portal is, which is run by CryptoLogic. The site is a little different from JackpotMadness, and offers the progressive jackpot info for Super Jackpot Video Poker and Caribbean poker, in addition to details on the Triple Olive and Rags to Riches slots.

Players can watch the jackpots grow when they log on to the site, and they should like what they find. Jackpot Mania has had several large jackpots, including the biggest online winner ever. Creed won more than $235,000 …

Pkv Games

Cracks Pkv Games appear in the Camp Nou


A clean sweep of domestic and European trophies last season could not have been better for Barcelona and their new manager Luis Enrique, but after seven games and two defeats, the 2015/16 season has shown there are hairline cracks beneath the façade.

Fourth position in La Liga just will not do for the club’s expectant mountain of fans and even more demanding hierarchy, although the faults in the architecture started to show in pre-season as Barça crashed shockingly 4-0 to Athletic Bilbao in the first leg of the Spanish Super Cup.

A limp effort at clawing back the deficit at the Camp Nou ended in a 1-1 draw and an embarrassing aggregate score overall.

The defence of their title began slowly adequately with 1-0 wins over Athletic Bilbao and Malaga before their first real test away to Atletico Madrid.

Lionel Messi was strangely dropped from the starting lineup for the visit to the Manzanares, a first hint perhaps of waning powers, but the magician returned in the second half and cast his old spells to help the Blaugrana k.o. one of their closest rivals. So far so good, winning while playing badly, the hallmark of champions.

That crucial away win seemed to spell another Pkv Games season of Catalan conquest, an impression Real added to by drawing at home to Gijon and away to Malaga.

A 4-1 win over Levante followed before a result no-one foresaw, a 4-1 thrashing at Celta Vigo.

The Galicians tore their visitors apart and left Gerard Pique and colleagues looking slow and lacking appetite.

Then Messi succumbed to injury and Barcelona lost 2-1 at Sevilla to slip into fourth. The Europa League winners are no slouches it must be said, and Celta have been a revelation too so far, riding as high as second behind league leaders Villareal.

In the Champions League, Barça have been scarcely more impressive. They were held 1-1 away to Roma before two late goals saved their bacon at home to Bayer Leverkusen.

So what has changed this season …

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SUPER SUNDAY: Vegas ads again slip NFL block

The National Football League’s efforts to stop Las Vegas-themed ads from airing within this year’s Super Bowl telecast were as successful as Sunday’s bumbling two-minute drill offense by the Philadelphia Eagles.

And as a result, local tourism leaders came off like the New England Patriots: victorious for the second year in a row.

Despite repeated promises to the contrary, the NFL was again unable to prevent ads touting Las Vegas from airing within coverage of its signature event. An executive with the Las Vegas Convention and Visitors Authority confirmed Monday a “Vegas Stories” ad was shown at least once Sunday in Boston, Chicago, Dallas, Los Angeles, New York, Philadelphia and San Francisco.

In Southern Nevada, viewers also got several in-game looks at a new 30-second ad touting Wynn Las Vegas, a soon-to-open Strip hotel-casino whose ties to gambling would never earn the antigambling sports league’s approval to air during its games telecasts.

The NFL has rejected Las Vegas’ attempts at national ad buys in each of the past three Super Bowls. But last year, the convention authority and its advertising agency, Las Vegas-based R&R; Partners, found a loophole by purchasing ad time directly from CBS affiliates in five key U.S. television markets.

As recently as Friday evening, NFL spokesman Brian McCarthy vowed that avenue would not be available with Fox affiliates this year. He said the league informed the network and its affiliates that Las Vegas-themed ads were prohibited by Fox’s NFL broadcasting contract, which bars anything associated with casino gaming.

The league maintains Las Vegas itself is synonymous with casinos.

But the operators of eight Fox affiliates apparently felt otherwise, and the convention authority’s $2.2 million ad buy was a success.

“We’re very pleased that the local stations and affiliate owners took the time to distinguish between destination advertising and the marketing of gambling,” Terry Jicinsky, senior vice president of marketing for the convention authority, said Monday.

Jicinsky said the convention authority will learn later whether those ads were shown during the pregame, postgame or game coverage in each respective market. Efforts to reach NFL representatives were unsuccessful Monday.…

Situs Judi Qq

Hats ‘hoff’ to Situs Judi Qq Jets



They say that great goalscorers become renowned for the timing of their goals as much as the quantity.


Such a maxim might well apply to 20-year-old NSW product Jason Hoffman after he popped up with the winner in the first-half of Newcastle’s historic AFC Champions League victory over Ulsan Hyundai last night.


Newcastle’s desperate 1-0 win means they finish second in Situs Judi Qq Group E behind Nagoya Grampus and qualify for the last 16 at the first time of asking.


The fact that striker Hoffman headed the only goal of the game before the half-time break was newsworthy in itself. However, incredibly, it was the local lad’s first-ever goal for his hometown club on his 23rd appearance.


Hoffman has been around the Jets for a fair while now without really commanding a regular place in the side. He began the last domestic season in demand for club and country before snapping his cruciate ligament in an A-League meeting with Adelaide and being forced to undergo a full knee reconstruction.


Thought to be out until the start of the new domestic season in August, the speed of Hoffman’s recovery startled Newcastle’s medical team when he made his return in the defeat by Nagoya Grampus a month ago.


Hoffman, though, is just one part of the good news story surrounding the Jets.


Nobody gave the Novocastrians a chance of progressing into the round of 16 after finishing last in the just-completed A-League season and suffering a string of senior departures from an already wafer-thin squad before the ACL began.


They then lost 2-0 to Chinese Super League side Beijing Guoan in the opening round.


But coach Gary Van Egmond always maintained his much-changed side from the one which delivered AFC qualification a year ago had enough class and determination to see off Asia’s rich despite the losses of Joel Griffiths, Jade North, goalkeeper Ante Covic, Mark Milligan and James Holland.


You wonder how far the current group of players can take Van Egmond, but then weren’t pundits muttering exactly …

Sven, I’m 6 to 4 in Bandar Togel Singapore




Political correctness is an admirable concept. I warmly applaud any school of thought that helps keep Jim Davidson off the telly.


But while the PC philosophy is sound in theory; in reality, it’s beginning to spiral out of control. My youngest won’t be allowed to compete in his school’s sports day this year, as the headmistress frowns upon the notion of ‘losing’. Even fun events like the three-legged race have been cancelled, for fear of offending the McCartneys.


The policy-makers fail to realise the importance of competition. If i play ‘I Spy’ with little Goliath, and I can’t get the answer, I ground him for two weeks. There’s an important lesson here, if there are no winners in life, we may as well all pack up and move to Scotland.


The insanity of Bandar Togel Singapore PC has also reached the catering industry. Some bright spark decided to change the name of a popular pudding to ‘Spotted Richard’ in order to ‘protect’ the bashful. There’s nothing amusing about ‘Spotted Dick’, but then again, it was my own fault for meeting up with Ulrika.


Sven Goran Eriksson has been there and done that, and I expect the smooth Swede to put up another fine performance away from home. Most bookmakers have Fulham as warm favourites for the visit of Manchester City, but I make this an each-of-two match. This one could really go either way; I’ll play the draw at 9/4.


The PC brigade have also demanded that ‘gingerbread men’ are renamed ‘gingerbread people’, to avoid upsetting the sensitive biscuit. Steve Coppell has the gingerest team ever put together outside of Ireland; I’ll be seeing red if Reading fail to do the business against Wigan at 6/5.


I’m going to have to try to adapt to this new PC environment. After all, if you can’t beat ‘em, Stan Collymore will lose all interest.


Mark Viduka is not fat, he’s merely got tremendous upper body strength. Newcastle look a touch big at 11/10 to see off the Hammers.


While Arsene Wenger …