Getting the Lowdown on Situs Judi Bola Slots

Slots have become a very popular choice for many online gamblers; they’re easy to play and there are some great jackpots waiting to be won.

But how do you find out what the biggest progressive slots jackpot is worth? Or which casino has a particular game? It’s a lot easier than you might think.

All of that information, plus a whole lot more, is available on the and progressive jackpot portals. Both web sites have a number of tools that will help you make the most your time at the slots. is software manufacturer Microgaming’s slots portal, and it offers players a wealth of information. Slots fans will find links to Fruit Fiesta, Cash Splash, Wow!Pot, LotsaLoot, and SupaJax games, and will be able to watch the progressive jackpots grow by the minute.

There are several great features on the site. People can choose which game they want to play, the minimum jackpot they want to play for, and the cost of each play. They can also sign up for jackpot notification, which automatically sends an e-mail when any jackpot goes above a specific amount.

Cash Splash is one of the most popular Situs Judi Bola games at Jackpot Madness, probably because it paid out more than $1.2 million during the month of July alone. The month’s big winner was Isaac H., who took home $77,805.

Slots fans looking for something different will like the new Treasure Nile slots, which are the first nine-reel progressive slots on the Net. The Treasure Nile jackpot was more than $365,000 when this article was written.

The other progressive jackpot portal is, which is run by CryptoLogic. The site is a little different from JackpotMadness, and offers the progressive jackpot info for Super Jackpot Video Poker and Caribbean poker, in addition to details on the Triple Olive and Rags to Riches slots.

Players can watch the jackpots grow when they log on to the site, and they should like what they find. Jackpot Mania has had several large jackpots, including the biggest online winner ever. Creed won more than $235,000 on a Caribbean poker jackpot.

One interesting feature on the Jackpot Mania site is the list of winners. Players will find this year’s big winners (there have been three wins over $85,000), the top 10 all-time winners (one player has hit the jackpot an amazing 54 times), and the big winners in Caribbean poker, Video Poker, and slots.

Another nice thing about the Jackpot Mania site is the casino profiles. It’s always nice to know a little bit about the casino you’re playing at.

Jackpot Mania also has an e-mail notification system, but players choose specific games they want to know about rather than jackpot amounts. Slots fans who want the best of all worlds should sign up for e-mail notifications from both sites.

To find out more about online slot games and jackpots, go to Chuck Greene’s article Best-Paying Slots on the Net or WINNERonline’s Progressive Jackpots page.

Ladies’ Night

More than half the people gambling at Internet casinos are women. So it’s not surprising that casino operators are catering to this lucrative audience segment.

Let’s look at a few Internet casinos that have gone out of their way to try to please the female gambler.

Chiseled Gladiators at Roman Casino

Roman Casino isn’t designed exclusively for women, but it is run by a female management team, and offers the best selection of toga-clad male dealers and croupiers on the Net.

When you step up to a virtual table at Roman Casino, you can scroll through the selection of dealers and pick the one to your taste.

Roman Casino is one of the easiest Internet casinos to play — there’s no software to download and the registration process is elegantly simple. Roman Casino also offers new players a 20% sign-up incentive.

Heartbreaker Slots, Anyone?

Women’s Vegas says it’s the first online casino town created especially for women. But when the casino assures us that they’ve “taken care of every little detail right down to the color of the drapes in the gaming rooms,” it makes you wonder if the site isn’t actually operated by middle-aged men… or perhaps Mrs. Cleaver.

Whatever the case, in addition to standard casino games, Women’s Vegas offers gossip and news stories, and the “Heartbreaker” slots — complete with scantily clad men on the machines, and various body parts, like eyes and bowties, on the reels. Whoopee.

CyberCroupier, the group that manages Women’s Vegas, plans to make the site an “entire town” that will grow over time as casinos are added to The Strip. The different casinos will provide women-specific content, including regularly updated news and gossip, health, fashion, and beauty tips, and promotions for products and services that are related to the theme of the particular casino.

CyberCroupier also operates Men’s Vegas.

More Casinos for Women

A quick search of Google revealed at least two other Internet casinos catering to women: 4 Her Casino and Gambling Women Casino.

4 Her Casino is a World Gaming (Starnet) licensee and doesn’t appear to offer any unique women’s content. Gambling Women Casino uses games and provides links to women’s health, fitness and beauty sites. Play these at your own risk.